Help please?

Aug. 18. 2013

I overheard an elderly woman say with great enthusiasm “thank you, I need all the help I can get.”  Oh if we could all be this joyful in our weakness throughout life instead of waiting till the latter part.

It’s hard to admit our weaknesses.  We are so proud, so fearful of embarrassment, so worried of the opinions of others.  It’s a daily task to let down our guard and be truthful with ourselves, inviting in the help of others to strengthen.  Usually when I help someone else, I learn more about myself than I was ready to know, for better and for worse..


March 20. 2013

I am driven by your success.
I am driven by your failure.
I am driven by your love.
I am driven by the chance to be better, faster, more present, more present, more present, aware, caring, patient, selfless, sharing, and forgiving.

I am driven to be more content.

deep water

April 5. 2013


Often we are asked to do work we don’t want to do or go somewhere we don’t like. The challenge is to look deeper and realize perhaps its not about whether we want or like the task but rather, we are needed. It’s possible we are more important than we realize and our likes and dislikes don’t even matter. The bigger picture is always bigger than us. Our community is always the better thing to balance and build up positively!

moving slow…..

April 15. 2013


It feels like time is moving slowly and we want to see results from our investments immediately but that’s not how it works. Don’t lose faith and continue to do good works. You can make a difference, it just might not reveal itself right away.

Encourage Children

April 26. 2013

Taken from a movie about African music spoken by a professional musician:

“When we practice we encourage the children.”

It couldn’t be better spoken. So clear and real. It’s not about us. It’s about all, and future growth. Encourage!!!!