Wives and Mothers

May 3. 2013


15 years ago, i started dating Teryn. For better and for worse, sickness and health, richer and poorer, we’ve had some great times and some incredibly difficult, challenging times. We’ve pushed through, forgiven each other, lifted each other up and by the grace of God and help of family we stuck together. 2 kids, multiple moves and jobs later, we are best friends. she is my favorite person on this planet.

On Mothers Day 1998 I introduced Teryn to my mom. I’m looking forward to this mothers day so much to honor my favorite girls, mom, teryn, and my daughters:) surrounded by strong and beautiful women.


Real Talk

May 11. 2013

Early morning, late night. Quite a bit on my plate these days, but thankful. My favorite part is the time reflecting and growing through simple conversation that always reveals much in this life. I want to know what you are ‘really’ up to. What struggles and challenges you and how I can help. That is the important work in this life as we steward the world we are given by sustaining our neighbors.

Real talk, not fakebook.

I read a top 10 list recently of ‘what I would do if I were raising a daughter today’.

“let her know, in word and actions, that she is more important than my job, my hobbies, and my iPhone.”
Ron edmunson

Super emotional in the morning bd.


June. 24 . 2013

My youngest daughter was crying as she fought falling asleep on my shoulder. Then reached her little hand to grab my thumb, gripped it, and fell asleep as I hummed softly.

I realize many people don’t experience this kind of love on a regular basis. I don’t think we all have to have kids in order to feel unconditional love either.

1st we need to be better friends, neighbors, partners and family to each other, being patient to listen and help, also taking time to hug hello and goodbye. In an endearing embrace we let our guard down and hold each other. God is Love, and in loving one another without judgment, we get a glimpse.

This life is not about things, but it is about irreplaceable people and irreplaceable relationships. We all have work to do….